That is Magnoto Mobile

With Magnoto Mobile you can spontaneously create and edit your homepage with your mobile phone (or other handhelds with internet access).

Magnoto Mobile is an integral part of Magnoto. If you already have an Magnoto account you can browse and edit your pages on your mobile when you go to If you sign up for Magnoto on your mobile, note that you can use your account to full extent on PC browsers.

Main features which can be used on mobiles are:

--Sign up for your Magnoto account
--View pages completely or module-wise
--Download multimedia files
--Create and edit notes in the browser
--Send photos, videos, audio files and texts by MMS/email

To give you an impression, how a Magnoto page looks on a mobile, see the sample page (this will only look right on a mobile)

If you need more assistance with Magnoto mobile, go to our help.

Enjoy Magnoto Mobile!

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